Kiến Trúc Zen | Raw and Sophisticated Design for Tough Mudder’s Brooklyn Headquarters

Raw and Sophisticated Design for Tough Mudder’s Brooklyn Headquarters

Raw and Sophisticated Design for Tough Mudder’s Brooklyn Headquarters

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Working in a modern office should induce an understanding of the brand through the surrounding design. Clients who step inside the offices should be able to describe what you do and how you do it just by absorbing the colors, shapes and work atmosphere. Tough Mudder’s Headquarters design is an exemplary piece of work by M Moser Associates, who specialize in offering companies integrated workplace solutions. Designed as an open, flexible cluster of spaces for a rapidly growing company, the office headquarters compose a dynamic landscape of collaborative interaction.



Located in Brooklyn, New York, the new Tough Mudder Headquarters welcomes staff with a main floor reception area, a cafe-lounge with a “podium” for announcements, working offices, meeting areas and interactive spaces. Everything here seems casual, raw, professional and friendly at the same time. From the wall coverings that mimic corten steel to the re-purposed wood and cement cinder block meeting table , tattooed with Tough Mudder’s logo and autographs of people who participated in meetings. Photographed by Eric Laignel, the spaces shine under carefully used lighting systems and “obstacle course” elements infuse the design with a deeper understanding of the brand’s nature. M Moser’s design solution offers a modern aesthetic with industrial appeal within a budget.

Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-2 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-3 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-4 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-5 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-6 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-7 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-8 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-9 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-10 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-11 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-12 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-13 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-14 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-16 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-17 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-18 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-19 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-20 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-21 Tough-Mudder’s-Headquarters-Design-by-M-Moser-Associates-22

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